The keyboard shortcuts are as follows:Vocational College of Nursing in Regensburg.Instruction diversity in addition to a loved ones atmosphere characterize the vocational schools for healthcare and nursing / well being and youngster nursing at the largest Catholic hospital in Germany, Regensburg. While instruction as a nurse / for care skilled our students practical experience a range of nursing fields of application. In addition, it really is probable for us to obtain the diploma. The instruction for operation Technical Assistant (OTA) service.


You must really like if you would like to adjust it.This conviction Pestalozzi is actually a central point of reference for our teachers. Within this sense it truly is by far the most crucial job of our teachers to recognize students in their individuality, their skills and their desires, encourage and demand. The teachers help the students the course of action of acquiring in their qualified capacity developing and create rephrase my sentence joy of education and also the experienced activity. In the friendly partnership together with the classmates and teachers the young individuals are doing ready for any career begin and their private future.Repealed awareness.

The school is lived as outlined by the college mission statement based on a Christian human values ??and image a friendly interaction among students and teachers. The household atmosphere which is inherent inside the school, is especially evident in specific cohesion inside the class and college community. It is actually for each other care and students can always include their issues and problems to their teachers.The trainees will likely be introduced through the instruction step by step towards the workout of their expert and social obligations. The trainees are the future of care and hence a vital part of society.Generalist training.

In January 2020, the nursing profession Act has replaced the previously applicable well being and elderly care laws. The 3 wellness care professions and nursing, well being and youngster nursing and elderly care had been merged into a unified nursing profession. Hence the nursing education is getting redesigned. The future generalist nursing education for nurse / for care qualified enables flexible use in all care locations with all age groups. The vocational college for nursing Brothers of Charity is among the couple of schools which has already been tested in the generalist coaching. The college experiment generalist nursing education is provided in Schwandorf and considering that 2011 in Regensburg in the vocational schools given that of 2010. Hence, it truly is achievable to draw on years of encounter with the generalist coaching.Instruction objective.

The instruction of a nurse or care experienced mediates all ages for the independent, extensive and process-oriented care of people today in acute and permanent in- and outpatient care settings important experienced and personal expertise, including the underlying methodological, social and communication abilities of the underlying studying abilities and also the ability to transfer knowledge (§ 5 Pflegeberufe reform Act).Instruction course.Start of training: September 01, Duration: full-time for three years.The practical education of our students takes location both within the diverse nursing departments on the hospital with the Brothers of Mercy Regensburg with the Clinic St. Hedwig and in institutions of cooperation partners. Our students acquire such critical insights into all regions of care in hospital, children’s hospital, outpatient care, in nursing homes, rehabilitation, psychiatry and palliative region. The students opened up by a wide variety of future job possibilities and high job mobility.We give for all classes and disciplines to 288 training places. The close integration of theory and practice, the graduates inside promptly get in daily function deal.

theory and practice.The theoretical and sensible lessons take location in the nursing college instead and includes a circumference of two,100 hours.The stakes of practical training contain 2500 hours:Orientation insert (Brothers of Mercy) Necessary use inpatient acute care (Brothers of Mercy) Expected use residential care (nursing residence) Expected use outpatient care mandatory bet pediatric care (St. Hedwig – Kuno / UKR – Kuno / DANUBE ISAR Klinikum Deggendorf) Needed use psychiatric care additional inserts (eg, hospice, counseling centers and so on .) cavity insert (Barmherzige brothers / St. Hedwig)Entry specifications.

Middle school or (qualifying) college leaving certificate and vocational qualification or (qualifying) college leaving certificate and at least one year nursing assistants coaching overall health fitness Really good communication abilities in written and spoken, reliability, teamwork, openness.Permanent simple nursing degree system.Moreover to nursing education, there is an undergraduate vocational coaching as a nursing degree. The study will take spot in the university. The practical assignments students total in the Brothers of Charity too as inside the practice partners. The part-time plan “Care dual” is replaced by the undergraduate nursing plan.For a lot more info on this new instruction chance in the pages in the University of Regensburg.