Biology could be the science of your living globe. It describes and analyzes the manifestations of living systems, no matter if in the molecular level, in organisms or ecosystems. Modern biosciences would be the basis for interdisciplinary scientific locations such as molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics and ecology.

The Bachelor in Biology is organized jointly by the University of Hannover (LUH), the Foundation Hannover (TiHo) School of Veterinary Medicine as well as the Hannover (MHH) Healthcare College and organized by the Central Facility for Biology (ZEB). Enrollment requires location at the LUH. The participation of the 3 universities provide you with students various choices in an interdisciplinary atmosphere. Modules of your fundamentals of science and botany, plant physiology, molecular biology and genetics in particular be supplied by the LUH, modules in zoology, animal and human physiology from the TiHo and MHH.

Scientific procedures are mediated by a higher sensible content in teaching. The system provides just after the completion with the fundamentals of science the chance to delve into a particular area. The course is divided into a compulsory elective and elective using the Studium Generale.Priorities.Biochemistry Biostatistics Biodiversity Botany Developmental Biology Genetics Geobotany Immunology Microbiology Molecular Plant Biotechnology Plant Physiology Stem Cell Biology Animal Physiology Behavioral Biology Cell Biology.

The plan is modular. A module consists of a mixture of unique courses. The tests might be completed through research and collected the results for the overall outcome of your Bachelor examination. The course is divided into a compulsory section and an elective area. In the very first two years of study a broad and well-founded basics expertise in modern day life sciences, chemistry, math and physics is taught. The exact same scientific in biology and vocational expertise instruction is in the foreground. Students discover contemporary solutions and procedures, as they may be now put to use within a laboratory. Within the third year, it really is achievable to place majors. Right after the completion of a module for a capstone project for information technology study concept thesis is made. Developing around the Bachelor’s degree, one more master’s degree and also a doctoral degree is achievable.

Semester 1 two 3 4 five six compulsory modules Cell Biology and Genetics General Botany Zoological Systematics and animal species knowledge Basic and bioinorganic chemistry Mathematics for Life Sciences Fundamentals of Ecology Botany Organic Chemistry Basic Zoology and Behavioral Biology Physics animal of Biosciences functional morphology organisms Molecular Microbiology Common Biochemistry Evolution Introduction in bioethics developmental animal and human physiology plant physiology biometrics / biostatistics.the semester elective or elective modules English language exercises (no cost decision: s. Fachsprachenzentrum) Adult stem cells in regenerative medicine Medical Entomology animal ethics Biological Research in the place English Soft Abilities (Center for important competences) Molecular Genetics Plant Biotechnology microcosms model systems aquatic ecology biochemistry of natural merchandise fundamentals of laser medicine laboratory animal Science Adult stem Cells in regenerative medicine Unique Microbiology and Molecular Biochemistry Bioinformatics Cellular wildlife conservation and environmental policy experimental marine Biology Molecular Parasitology Internship / laboratory function.Curiosity for all biological and natural sciences discipline interest in activities in the laboratory initiative create lyrics and text comprehension.Sales inside the Biotechnology sector or inside the pharmaceutical sector activities in the meals – or agribusiness activities in medical research within the technical field function within the public employment service activities and technology transfer.Under specific situations, admission to the following Master’s degree programs is conceivable. For alot more detailed facts inside the respective access and admission regulations. For questions, please get in touch with the experienced suggestions of the desired master’s program: